De Brouckère Station

Brussels, Belgium | 2020

Metro Line Number 4 at De Brouckère Station in Brussels, Belgium was slated for a refreshed look alongside the addition of a new shopping center to the existing structure. De Brouckère Station is filled with local patriotism, greeting visitors with the colors of the Belgian flag including a bright red entrance and dark grey and bright yellow accents. In 2002, Polyvision installed screenprinted CeramicSteel cladding along the moving walkway at the De Brouckère Station. After 18 years, the artwork is still pristine and became catalyst for considering CeramicSteel again for this new project because of its durability and low cost of maintenance.

Color saturation was important to the designer, and screenprinting on CeramicSteel provides a bold, opaque finish. Additionally, as a public space with high foot traffic, cleanability was a major factor when determining the material for this project. CeramicSteel can withstand the strongest cleaners and holds up to bumps and scrapes without sacrificing the integrity of the surface.

Polyvision has a historic relationship with Brussels, working closely with the city’s Regional Public Service team to provide long-lasting architectural cladding solutions for metro stations. The De Brouckère Station is one of ten metro stations in Brussels that uses CeramicSteel wall cladding.


Louis De Waele bvba


Full surface screenprint


C.P.H. bvba


End 2020


SPRB Brussels


Finished 1-13


SUM project , Arch. Jean-Pierre Mariën

Area (m2):

1700 m²